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Life Coach LeeHi, I’m Lee. I’m an experienced life coach and mentor based in London, UK. Since 2003, I have coached thousands of people from all walks of life towards happier lives. I help my clients navigate through major life challenges and offer wisdom and guidance with career, relationships and spiritual-evolution.


My eclectic life-journey and decades of immersion in varied wisdom traditions, personal transformation, love and deep practice is the foundation of the powerful life-coaching service I share with clients today.

I offer one of the most unique life coaching styles in the UK. I don‘t apply a textbook approach. Instead, I teach from my life experience as an entrepreneur, yogi and red-pill-truth seeker. I am a razor-sharp man who dances with life.

My life coaching is always dynamic and customised to meet you where you are at.

Is my coaching strategy for you? Yes, if you want to:

  • Discover who you are and what you’re here for
  • Fall in love with yourself
  • Lead an authentic, happy life
  • Overcome career, relationship or personal life challenges
  • Identify and remove blocks and limitations that keep you away from happiness
  • Invite passion, purpose and peace into your life
  • Get out of your comfort zone and face your fears
  • Go on a deeply supported spiritual journey

My coaching work has been influenced by the best from entrepreneurship, human development, business startup, love-communication, mentoring, spirituality, yoga, tantra, meditation and coaching... A potent mix that underpins my signature deeply spiritual approach.

Through my work, I seek to make a positive difference in the world. I am passionate about inspiring people to lead fulfiled, happy lives, overcoming challenges to come out the other side an evolved version of themselves. I help my clients to reconnect with their passion, purpose and peace and provide them with the tools and methods to completely transform their lives.

My sessions are available in person or over the phone so I can help you regardless of your location.

Want to know how my clients are feeling about their sessions? Read my testimonials.

If you’re not ready to commit to your best authentic life just yet, start small with my free Coaching Goals Worksheet.

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